Running Two Venues

Hello all! I haven’t posted in awhile so I thought I’d give an update on what’s happening around The Orrmont Estate both at the Cathedral Tent and Octagon Barn at Orrmont Farm.

This first year of running two venues is going well! It’s keeping us hopping and it’s awesome! We’re finding it hard to believe we are almost through our first full season in the Octagon Barn at Orrmont Farm. As with any new venture there is a learning curve, however, having hosted weddings for 14 years has certainly let us hit the ground running! We also now have staff that helps us do behind the scenes work, as well as help us work the actual event.

Orrmont Farm

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been hiccups along the way, and sometimes random things just happen. Our brides and grooms are people that roll with whatever comes their way. That helps us and all of the vendors do our thing to make the best possible outcome for their special day. I will say we have the best vendors! They are able work through events when even the weather works against you, among other things… like a transformer blowing in the middle of dinner. That was a first! Thank goodness Piqua Power is literally right around the corner!

But look at that beautiful picture! Crazy day with an awesome bride and groom, creative photographer, and a top notch DJ to keep the party rolling without power. It’s all good and memories to last a lifetime!

We still have things we are adding and doing this first year at Orrmont Farm as we go along. For one, the lockers in the Locker Room are not yet completed so they aren’t installed yet. We had to custom order them to fit the space the way we anticipate. We have learned throughout this building and furnishing process is that there is a shortage of workers in the trades like cabinetry and upholstery. Custom cabinetry, like for our lockers, is hard to come by and when you do, they work on their schedule, not yours! Turns out, it doesn’t matter how long I think it should take to build, I just have to wait. But soon, I hear they will be done soon!

We are furnishing the barn addition with antiques in keeping with the style and period of the barn, more or less. Which is great because Tim is a finder of all kinds of interesting things and he’s always on the look out for furniture and other “stuff”. He’s found some great pieces but some need to be recovered and the wait is long! We do have some “placeholder” furniture around while we are getting some things refinished and reupholstered or until we find just the right piece. We keep moving everything around and our boys are over moving furniture at this point! I’m thinking they are not starting a moving company anytime soon!

Cathdral Tent

Over at the Cathedral Tent, everyone is loving the vintage chandeliers and the new lights Tim strung up in the tent for this season. It really gives it all a classical, retro vibe. Also, a little bit Pinterest, right? Just look at how this garter toss picture turned out.

Photo by Sarah Graybeal


The women’s restroom now have retro chandeliers too! That lighting softens everything and makes it feel so much more homey. We are continuing to “refresh” the Cathedral Tent restrooms as we find the vintage pieces that work with our vision. So if you see Tim and I scouting antique shops now you’ll know why!

In Other News

We also have another big announcement coming soon, so stay tuned for that! It mostly pertains to events at the Cathedral Tent, but not entirely…I’m thinking we should do another contest to see who can guess what we’re doing! I better get to working on the prize package and some clues!




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  1. Michelle Baker

    Awesome update! I have had the pleasure to get to know the “behind the scenes” of the Orrmont Estate. It’s beautiful out here and as a member of the family, I have the privilege of seeing it from within. Working with Tim and Janelle has shown me a whole other level of intensity that goes into managing these beautiful events. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this journey and look forward to seeing what the future holds!

    • Janelle Baker

      Thanks Michelle! We love that our family business includes not only our boys, but now you (and some others) as well! We’ve loved working with family and sharing our vision of the Estate. We’re looking forward to this next chapter!

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