Services We Provide
We provide the facility for your event. We also provide round tables and white chairs for
your ceremony, if you choose to have it outside, and black chairs for your reception
inside the barn. The barn floor, which has been refinished, is great for wherever you'd
like to put your dance floor.

We have packages, as well as wedding day enhancements so you can create the wedding
day you've been dreaming of!

Basic          $2,800
5-8 pm on Friday for decorating and rehearsal
8 hour block on Saturday, starting at 2pm
Ceremony at 4:30pm
Ice Package (description below)
Chairs set up for the ceremony
Tables and chairs set up for reception
We coordinate with your vendors for delivery/arrival times
Premium    $3,425
Let the good times roll!
Basic package plus the photo booth and sparkler send off
Elite          $3,925
You can be a guest at your own event!
Premium package plus an additional hour and day-of coordinator

*These packages are for Saturdays for less than 200 guests. For events between 200 and
250 guests, there is an additional $200 charge.

Sunday wedding pricing remains the same as we provide the same service and number of
hours, but the hours are structured differently.

All Packages Include:
Package time includes any set up time, including caterers, DJs, decorators, musicians,
etc. We place tables and chairs at your direction so everything is ready for you to
decorate when you arrive. We provide trash cans and trash bags and dispose of the trash
for you. You do not have to break down tables or chairs when you are cleaning up.  

Weddings and receptions include the barn, 30 round tables, 10 long tables, 250 white
'garden chairs' for the ceremony if you chose to have it outside and 250 black 'reception
chairs' for the reception. If you require different tables than we provide, you are
responsible for the rental cost as well as the set up and tear down of rental items unless
you choose to pay us to do it at our hourly rate. If the delivery of rental items is outside
of your block of time, we will coordinate with the rental company, and we charge $50
(each) to be available for deliver and pick-up.

Bar Package
Ice, as necessary
Two keg coolers (pic in margin, taps NOT included)
Electric coolers (no pics, they have not arrived yet) for bottles, cans, etc.
Serpentine Bar with black skirting (pic in margin)

Enhancements you can add to any package (scroll down for additional details):
Time, half an hour  $75
Photo booth  $500
Sparkler Send-off  $150
Day-of Coordinator  $350
Shuttle Service (varies)
Heaters  $300

Photo Booth $500
See Photo Booth page for the specifics on what is included-it's a lot! And some fun

Sparkler Send-off  $150
We provide 36" sparklers that burn for about 3 1/2 minutes to give you plenty of time to
get fun pictures! We provide a sign for your gift table area that tells your guests what
time the sparkler send-off will be. Then we coordinate with your DJ to announce the
send off, pull up your "get away" car, give everyone a sparkler, have them line up in the
best spot, light all of the sparklers with torches, and direct the bride and groom when to
walk through the sparklers with ideas on where to stop for picture opportunities. After
you've gotten some great pictures we then collect all of the burnt sparklers, and dispose
of them so no one gets hurt.

Day-of Coordinator  $350
By utilizing this service you really can not worry about the little details on your wedding
day! You are still planning your event, we are just helping execute it! Each event is
unique, and we tailor what we need to do to suit your event, but
some of the things we
do would be to pin on boutineers and corsages, make sure unity ceremony items are in
place, help the wedding party line up for processional, cue wedding party and musicians
during the processional, make sure candles are lit, gifts get to the gift table, coordinate
with the photographer for pictures, coordinate with the DJ for the wedding party
announcement into the reception, coordinate with the DJ/caterer the releasing of tables
for dinner, coordinate as necessary the flow of the reception for the special dances and
other reception activities. We also have available various "fixes" for dresses or tuxes that
may not fit quite right!

Heaters  $300
Plan on using the heaters if your event is in October; if you don't need it, the rental fee
will be returned to you. We provide two heaters which allows for the space to be heated
evenly. The heaters are on a thermostat-just like your furnace at home! For inquiring
minds, they are propane tent heaters.

Additional Charges:  
  • We require a security deposit of $300 that may be returned to you after your
    event. Usually it is all returned unless additional hours were used, or the rules of
    the estate were broken.
  • If the event is on a holiday weekend, (Memorial day, Independence day, Labor
    day) there is an additional $200 charge.  

To reserve a date, we require $1,000 at booking, which is non-refundable. The balance
is due one week before your scheduled event. We also finalize the placement of tables and
chairs for your event and go over your timeline and details.
Contact us to determine availability for your event.

You are free to choose any vendor you like-we do require a professional caterer and
bartender. However, if you'd like a recommendation for vendors, see our
formation page.

Here is a layout of the barn that you can use to plan your event:  Coming Soon! We will
go over this at your final appointment so we can have your tables and chairs set up for
you when you come to decorate.

This is a list of frequently asked questions about what we provide and dimensions of
tables, etc. that will help you to plan your event
FAQ.  If you have additional questions,
please feel free to e-mail

Here are the Rules for The Octagon Barn at The Orrmont Estate.
A historic estate as a rental facility, specializing in weddings and receptions