Historic Octagon Bank Barn
The Octagon Bank Barn is open for events with the 2017 wedding season. It is 4,200 sq
ft, (just like the tent) so it will hold 250 people for your wedding and reception

The Octagon Bank Barn was built in the early 1900's and not much has been done to the
interior since then, so it is mostly all original and your guests will love it! There are no
supports whatsoever in the middle of barn so your space is a wide open octagon to
configure however you would like.

We are making some improvements to the barn like adding lighting and outlets so w have
enough power for your DJ and everything you need for your event! We are building an
addition to the back side of the barn that will house the restrooms, bar, caterer prep area,
and a bride room in the near future-we are currently drawing up plans and getting the
proper approvals before we break ground. In the meantime, we will still provide
restroom facilities for you and your guests and will work with your caterers to make
sure they have what they need to provide you with the delicious food you expect.
A historic estate as a rental facility, specializing in weddings and receptions

We are opening our
Historic Octagon Bank Barn
for events!

It is located on the Estate property using the same main
entrance and is located about two tenths of a mile from the
mansion and tent.