The front sidewalk was cracking and needed replaced.  After our last wedding for 2008 before
it got too cold, we decided to redo the last piece of the front sidewalk that we hadn't put in new
concrete yet.

First we had to tear out the bushes to get to the sidewalk, and then tear out the concrete.

Next it was framed up and then we poured concrete (Piqua Concrete).

Now the sidewalk is new like the rest.   In the spring we planted bushes and put in our custom
benches.  Then we added some potted flowers.

And now it's a beautiful place to take a few pictures!

In the fall of 2010 we decided we needed to add more lighting to the front sidewalk.  We
decided to electrify the existing stone pillars and add some more lampposts.  

Tim chiseled out the mortar in the stone pillars so we could run wires in the pillars and then
mortar them in.  We also had to trench in the yard to bury the lines for the lights.

We put in five new light poles, starting by augaring the holes, and pouring concrete.  

                                                                                           The boys love to watch this stuff!

Then the poles were added, and it lights up the sidewalk much better.