Orrmont Farm has origins that go back over 100 years so please be gentle with your surroundings, we really appreciate it. If you need anything or have any questions, please just ask, our names are Tim and Janelle.

Vehicles must stay on the driveway/parking lot.

Provided in the bar: refrigerated keg cooler for two kegs, taps included; merchandiser for pop, water, wine, etc.; bottle cooler that holds up to 42 cases, ice maker, and sink. Please don’t put bottles or cans in the bin of the ice maker as it contaminates the ice; there is a large scoop in the bin for your use.

Any water or ice needing disposed of can be dumped in the utility sink. Please keep all bar items inside the bar area and not inside the barn.

Last call for liquor and mixed drinks should be about an hour before the music stops, and last call for beer and wine should be about half an hour before the music stops. Do not serve shots to anyone (including wedding party).

Please do not serve alcohol to guests that are drunk. We prefer that vendors do not drink alcohol at all, however they can have one alcoholic drink during the course of the evening. If you have any trouble with this, let us know and we will be happy to help you.