The Orrmont Estate was built as a private residence (and still is), so please treat the house and grounds as someone’s home. We really do appreciate it. If you need anything or have any questions, please just ask, we have a venue host on site who can answer any questions for you!

Vehicles must stay on the driveway at all times, if you are having trouble backing, let us know, we would be happy to move your vehicle for you.

Not all trailers and trucks can drive under the portico at the side of the house, if you have a trailer or tall truck, please note the size before pulling through.

There is a push cart on the front porch for your use, please return it when you are done.

After you have unloaded, please move (or let us move) your vehicle so we can keep the “circle” clear for other vendors unloading.

If you need an extension cord, please ask for one and we can get it for you. Please return them when you are done.

There is a cord already running down the hill to the meadow area, it is green, let us know if you need it and can’t find it.

There is power on the top of the spring house.

No songs with foul language or explicit lyrics, even if someone (including the bride or groom) requests it.

Volume must be reasonable for our neighbors, generally it needs to go down if the music goes past 11:00 pm.

We prefer that our vendors not drink alcoholic drinks at all, however you may have one during the course of the event.

We request that you announce where the restrooms are (east side of Clubhouse) and that there is no smoking in the Clubhouse, the smoking area is out on the stone patio. Please make this announcement after the ceremony as people are waiting for the bride and groom to finish pictures, as well as after dinner. If you see anyone smoking on the front patio, please make another announcement about where the smoking area is located.

Thank you!