Our Name

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People often ask where we came up with the name “Orrmont”. Well, we didn’t actually come up with it at all. We just looked at the stone pillars at the end of the driveway, and there it was!

The man who built the estate was Aaron Morrison Orr, and he named his home (as was the trend for large houses in that day), “Orrmont”. When we decided to begin down the path of hosting weddings, we thought adding “estate” to the end would help people understand what we are. Since Orrmont isn’t really a word and we are not Orrs, it was all rather confusing!

We estimate the estate was originally over 200 acres, and we know there were several “tenant” houses on the property as well. While we only have about a tenth of the acreage now, we are happy we have been able to keep that much of it together. We, even our boys, enjoy history and old houses with lots of “character”, so we are in the right place!