1.  We reserve the right to ask guests to leave if they are being destructive.
2.  We reserve the right to have someone stop being served alcohol.
3.  Limos and “party buses” are not permitted.
4.  Children must be strictly monitored. Children may play in the yard; however a responsible adult must be communicated to Orrmont management as a “go to” person.
5.  No one will be permitted at the facility past 1 am.
6.  No parking or driving on the lawn, there are several parking spaces by the house for older persons or persons with disabilities.
7.  No swimming, fishing, playing, or throwing things in the pond.
8.  Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse; all smoking must be outside and cigarette butts must be discarded in proper receptacles (there may be a clean-up charge for picking up butts).
9.  Vehicles such as golf carts, RVs, beer trailers, and food trucks are not permitted on the premises.
10.  No tape for decorations-we can offer other suggestions on how to hang or hold down decorations.
11.  As we are an outdoor facility, music must not contain foul language (explicit lyrics) and be kept at an acceptable level of volume for our neighbors. Radio versions are fine.
12.  No on-site cooking (including cooking in roasting pans or hog roasts).