We purchased The Orrmont Estate with the idea of hosting weddings. We want to provide you with a historic estate as a backdrop for your event.

The Orrmont Estate was the family home of the Orr’s of the Orr Felt Company in Piqua, Ohio. It was built around 1900 by Aaron Morrison Orr. The mansion is about 9,000 square feet, has 11 bedrooms, including 4 servant rooms on the third floor. There are 5 fireplaces, 5 bathrooms and two half baths, a library that opens to the courtyard, and sun parlor that opens to the terrace.

We believe the Carriage House was built a little bit later than the house and is about 7,000 square feet. There is also a Groundskeepers Apartment in the Carriage House. The Orrs were into polo as well as horse racing. There are still remnants of a quarter mile race track on part of the estate.

At one time there was a pool and pool house where the tent is now located, but it was filled in years ago. There was a water filtration system for the pool in the Spring House, which we removed when we remodeled it.

We have made changes and improvements to the estate over our time of ownership, and we try to keep things in the spirit of about 1900, while still being functional for us today. You can see our projects on our Projects page.

One of our additions is the acquisition of 15 acres to the south of the Carriage House that contains a historical Octagon Bank Barn, which we have opened for events as well. It was originally used for livestock in the lower level and threshing wheat in the upper level. We are keeping the barn as original as possible, but have built an addition to the barn that will contains restrooms, catering a prep room, drink serving area, as well as a Bridal Lounge with a private bathroom for the ladies and a Locker Room for the guys.

There are many different kinds of trees to enjoy as you look around the estate including some of these less common trees: Empire Ginko, Black Walnut, Golden Rain Tree, Buckeye, Regal Prince Oak, Willow Oak, River Birch, Bald Cypress, Dawn Redwood, and Kentucky Coffee Tree. Down by the pond you might see ducks, turtles, frogs and fish (koi, grass carp, American Prehistoric paddlefish) and will surely enjoy the calm surroundings-unless you feed the fish and then the water gets churning with fish! The grounds of the estate is home to many animals. Some we have seen are red fox, groundhog, squirrel, raccoon, skunk, muskrat, mink, and deer as well as birds like red tailed hawk, blue heron, kingfisher, red headed woodpecker, owl, and humming birds.