Welcome Guests!

Here is some information you may need while a guest at the Estate. We want everyone to have a great time celebrating while you are here!


When you arrive, you will be directed by Orrmont Staff where to park. If you have someone who needs to be let out close to the ceremony site, please tell our parking attendant and they will direct you. If you need to unload items, please them know that as well. We do have designated handicap spaces should you need to use them.

If you’ve over-indulged by the end of the evening and would like to leave your car overnight, we encourage you to do so. We leave the gates open so you can come back to get your vehicle until the next morning at 9:00am, at that time we close the gates. If you need overnight accommodations, please call/text 937-778-1021 for availability in the Romantic Guest House.


This includes vaping and e-cigarettes. There is no smoking in any building, tent, or porch on the estate, or within 20 feet of a building or the tent. There is a designated smoking patio on the North West side of the tent. All butts must be properly disposed of in the provided receptacles.


There are restrooms located adjacent to the tent (East side) and they are handicap accessible and have a baby changing station in the Women’s restroom.


In the event of rain, all festivities will be in the tent.


Please don’t throw any rocks or sticks in the pond. We do have fish food available on the Water Porch if you would like to feed the koi. They love to be fed!


There are two venues located on the Estate, the Cathedral Tent and Octagon Barn and there may be events in both locations at the same time. We ask that guests stay at the venue they were invited to for the day.

Please use the grounds while you are here, but know we have a wedding next week and need to keep everything nice for them too! (You know-take only pictures, leave only footprints.) We do live in the mansion, so there is no admittance.

We encourage you to participate in the festivities of the day-if your bride and groom have a photobooth, please use it! If they have a hashtag, post your pics! They love to see all the fun stuff from their day that they miss.

Most of all, have a great time celebrating!