Have some questions about the Estate? Maybe this information can help!


There are 200 ‘wedding white’ garden chairs that we arrange however you would like for the ceremony. There are 200 black reception chairs for the Clubhouse that we set up at your discretion. You can put up to eight chairs at a table (6 is spacious, 8 is full).


There are 10 long banquet tables. Dimensions:  2 ½ ft x 8 ft and 30 in tall. There are 32 round tables. Dimensions:  5 ft across and 30 in tall. You can rent (at your expense) more or different tables.


There are custom industrial chandeliers at the peak of the Clubhouse. Wagon wheel chandeliers throughout the building as well as sconces on the posts.  All lights in the Clubhouse are Edison bulbs and on dimmers. There are lights in the parking lot and along the walkway to the parking lot.


There are outlets around the Clubhouse on the outside wall. There is an electrical outlet on the top of the Spring House. We provide several extension cords (located by the power panel).


There is not a kitchen for the caterers to use, however they have access to water and ice. The catering room is large and has four stainless steel tables for caterers to use. There is no on-site cooking (including roasting pans).


No tape of any kind is permitted on the walls, tables, or chairs. Please tie decorations; ask if you are not sure how to tie or attach your decorations, we would be happy to help you. Each sconce has rings at the bottom to make it easier to hang items from if you choose. LED candles are permitted, no open flames


The Clubhouse has glass garage doors on either side of the building that open up for great air flow on mild weather days. There is also A/C for the more extreme days as well as heat throughout the winter.


There are large trash cans for your use/caterers use, as well as a dumpster on site. We empty the trash cans during your event (we provide bags).


All trash must be in trash bags, we will dispose. Everything you brought in must be taken with you, in a trash bag for disposal, or put in the dumpster. We provide a broom and dust pan for your use as well as rags for any major clean up. Do not stack chairs or move tables.

Clubhouse Layout

We are currently still working on a detailed layout of the Clubhouse to use for planning! Check back in or send us a message if you have any questions until then and we would be happy to help!

Good luck planning! Feel free to e-mail questions to info@orrmont.com. We’ll contact you to set up an appointment 2-3 weeks before your wedding to finalize the placement of tables, chairs, etc. and to collect the balance due. We allow one hour for this appointment.