Welcome to The Orrmont Estate! Please click on the link that applies to you and see how we operate.

We don’t have a  large unloading area so we try to stagger the times that the vendors arrive. We generally contact you 2-3 weeks prior to the scheduled event to go over details including arrival time. We ask that you stick to that time as we are trying to coordinate with all of the vendors so everyone has sufficient time to unload and set up prior to the event.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call ahead or e-mail to ask. We look forward to working with you!

Brides & Grooms

We require your bartenders to be hired through us. All other vendors are your choice! The caterer must be a professional but you can pick whichever vendor fits your wedding day vision! If you’d like a recommendation for vendors, here’s who we recommend:

Catering Services

Baker’s Catering 937-570-5004

Mrs. B’s Catering 937-676-2883 or 937-698-4587
LMR (Little Miami River Catering Company) 937-848-2464
The SPOT to Eat Catering 937-492-0298


Ge Nell’s Flowers 937-773-3938
Sherwood Florist 937-298-3655
Furst Florist and Greenhouses 937-223-1213


DX2 937-416-4597 or 937-270-1532 bryandunn76@yahoo.com
Just The DJ 937-418-1255
Party Pleasers 937-254-6935
Dan Edwards Entertainment and Public Relations 937-298-8890
David G. McFarland’s DJ & Karaoke 937-434-9440

DJ/Live Music

SK Music & Entertainment 937-773-8739
Viva la Strings 937-304-0010


Dobo’s Delights 937-773-7923
Brittany’s Cakes 937-238-2699


JP Photography 937-621-2336
Ganger Images 937-381-9755

Childers Photography 937-256-0501


Rev. Debra O’Dell 937-765-7350 
Steven J. Wyke
, Chaplain, 937-371-8444 stevenpattywyke@peoplepc.com
Caring Wedding Ceremonies 513-254-9620 WeddingsByRevJK@aol.com


Color Loft Salon 937-552-5566

Formal Wear

Tux Rental and Rehearsal Dinner Wear for Men and Women
Barclay’s 937-773-5928