Planning a wedding is a big deal! You want everything to be just right on your best day ever, but maybe there are parts of the planning you’d like us to take care of for you! We have a full range of planning options to help you with as much or as little as you’d like us to.

All options include one of our planners meeting with you for about an hour to understand your vision, theme, budget and preferences for you amazing wedding day!

Budgeting (2-3 hours) $300
After meeting with you, we will put together a packet for you with a proposed budget based on your funding (parents, grandparents, self, etc.) and your vision of your wedding day.

Vendor Choices (4-5 hours) $500
We give you a proposal with vendors for each category that you anticipate hiring for your wedding day. We ensure the vendors are available on your wedding day (at the time of proposal) and are within your budget as provided by you. You can then interview a short list of vendors in each category and make your final selections.

Ceremony Design (2-3 hours) $300
We will help you determine the elements you would like implemented into your ceremony, including incorporating your theme and style into your decorations.

Reception Design (3-4 hours) $400
We will help you determine items such as assigned seating, table layout, elements of the theme to incorporate into your reception space like centerpiece ideas, activities for your guests, and a general timeline to include the specific elements to make your wedding reception all about you!

Invitation Design (3-4 hours) $400
We provide you with up to four invitation selections based on your input, combined with your theme and style for you to review. You make the final selections and place the orders.

Invitation Sending & RSVP Collection (6-8 hours) $800
You provide us with your invitations as well as your guest list and we will address and send your invitations, collect the RSVPs and follow up as necessary. Updates will be provided as requested. Reports of final counts provided. Hand calligraphy for inner and outer envelopes available.