5 Things to Consider with Wedding Vendor Selection

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Selecting vendors to help you with your wedding day is a must, but can be daunting to know where to start. There are so many options! Not sure how to evaluate your potential vendors? What IS important when selecting your wedding vendors?

Here are some things to consider when selecting the vendors that will support and enhance your vision for your wedding day!

  1. Does the vendor see your vision for your day?
    Making sure the vendor sees what you envision will make all the difference! Seasoned wedding professionals let you benefit from their many years of experience about what works well based on your budget, venue, style, and vision. Do they have fresh ideas to make your vision better and smoother? Your idea might be out of your budget, but your vendor might have an alternative that will achieve the same effect and is within your budget. Lean on their knowledge, they are the professionals!
  2. Is the vendor well-versed in the style you’re going for?
    For example, do you like light and airy style wedding pictures or a more moody dark style? Look at photographer’s portfolios to see what their style is for weddings. Make sure it fits your vision for the pictures you want hanging on your living room wall for the next 60 years!
  3. Do the vendor offer what you want?
    Vendors are often willing to try something new, which is the sign of a flexible vendor, however things tend to go not quite as smoothly if it’s something new. Sometimes there is a discount to being the couple the vendor gets to build their portfolio with, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for that discount! For example, Do you want a plated dinner? Does your caterer have experience in plated dinners, or are they primarily a buffet style caterer but are willing to provide a plated dinner?
  4. Is the vendor in your budget?
    This is often the first thing couples check out when looking at vendors, and rightfully so as it’s often the most important factor! If a vendor is out of your budget, all is not lost. Ask about available discounts, you might be surprised! Wedding vendors will often offer discounts on off-peak days or times of the year (we do!) and that might be just what you are looking for. Some offer a military discount or package discounts.
    We understand not all vendors in one category offer the same services and it’s not always apples to apples when trying to compare costs. For example, we provide all of the tables and chairs for the reception and ceremony, and set them up and tear them down, plus rooms for the bride and groom to get ready in. Some venues are like us, others charge extra for tables and chairs or the rooms for the wedding party to get ready in. Once the costs are all added up, then you can compare apples to apples. Get the details of what is included from your top vendors so you can fairly compare pricing before making a choice of vendor. It could be the more expensive one provides much more and they end up being the best deal.
  5. Is the vendor available on your preferred date?
    Sometimes date is at the top of your priority list, and if it is, this might be the first question you ask! If your date is flexible, you have a better chance of getting married in the year and season you prefer. If your date is important and set, book all of your vendors early to get the ones you want!

At the end of the day, you need to pick vendors that are available, within your budget, and most of all, that you want to work with to create your wedding vision! It helps when you like your vendors since you’ll be working with them over the next number of months and they often end up friends!