The Orrmont Estate was built as a private residence (and still is), so please treat the house and grounds as someone’s home. We really do appreciate it. If you need anything or have any questions, please just ask, our names are Tim and Janelle. If you don’t see us, ring the doorbell at the front door.

Vehicles must stay on the driveway at all times, if you are having trouble backing, let us know, we would be happy to move your vehicle for you.

Not all trailers and trucks can drive under the portico at the side of the house, if you have a trailer or tall truck, please note the size before pulling through.

After you have unloaded, please move (or let us move) your vehicle so we can keep the “circle” clear for other vendors unloading.

There is no onsite cooking of any kind (this includes roasting pans and grilling).

The Sun Parlor is your designated area.

There is a push cart on the front porch for your use, please return it when you are done. The push cart does not fit in the sun parlor. Please keep the cart out of the walkway as much as possible.

There is an outlet in the sun parlor by the door to the house.

The ice maker is on the north side of the restrooms for your use.

There is a utility sink on the north side of the restrooms for your use.

We provide the trash can liners and we change them in the trash cans in the tent. We keep one trash can for your use in the Sun Parlor, and you are responsible for changing that one (extra liners are in the Sun Parlor). Full bags go in the dumpster (just off the driveway at the back of the house).

If you need electricity there are extension cords hanging on hooks on the back side of the electric panel at the North side of the tent. Please return them when you are done.

Only ice and COLD water can be dumped in the yard.

All other liquids must be dumped in the utility sink (especially hot drinks as they kill the grass).

Please clean up any spills and sweep in the sun parlor prior to leaving.