The Orrmont Estate has a photo booth available as an addition to your wedding  or prom. Adding a photo booth to an event is a fun way to create favors and give guests something to do during downtime in an event, like when you are getting your pictures with your photographer.

Here is how our photo booth works: We set it up for you in the Clubhouse. We turn it on at the time agreed upon by you, typically shortly after the ceremony so your guests can take photo booth pictures while you finish your pictures with your photographer. We are there to guide your guests through the process. The first thing is to encourage them to get props. The more, the funnier the pictures are! Next they go into the booth and push start on the touch screen monitor. The camera will take a series of four pictures with a countdown before each picture so your guests can get their poses ready. When the series is completed, the screen tells them to exit the booth. As they are taking off hats, boas, etc., the pictures are printing. Our attendants then cut the strips apart and give one to your guest as a party favor. The second strip is put into a scrap book that your guests then sign (which can double as your sign in book if you’d like). The strips are personalized-usually the bride and groom’s names with the wedding date in whatever color you choose.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Four hours of active photo booth time
  • An attendant to guide your guests through the process
  • Various props to maximize fun!
  • Unlimited pictures during your photo booth time
  • Prints are printed as a double strip, the attendant cuts the strips apart. The first¬†strip is a souvenir for the guest to take home. The other strip is placed in the book and the guest is encouraged to leave a note for the couple!
  • A selection of acid free pens so your guests can sign your photo book next to their picture
  • A photo book to put the second strip in. If you have a certain theme let us know and we will do our best to match!
  • We use acid free tape to adhere your photo strips to the photo book pages
  • The photo strips have an area to customize at the bottom of the four pictures-various font styles and colors, or use our Orrmont Estate logo
  • Camera is 18 megapixels
  • Dye-sublimation prints-which means the photo is dry when printing is completed and won’t smear