In 2005 we remodeled the Spring House. First we had to take off the old slab on the top-with help from Piqua Steel and Crane.

Then the tanks from the old water filtration system (for the old pool) had to come out.

Next more clean up and bracing for pouring the suspended slab.

Now it’s a great place for a ceremony!

In the fall of 2010 we decided we needed to add a rock patio to the Spring House.  There is so much traffic there, and it is so shaded we have had trouble keeping grass green there. First Tim skimmed off the grass and laid a base of gravel, and compacted it.


Then Tim used pieces of sidewalk he had scavenged and cut them into strips that will edge the patio.  Then he fitted in lots of old slate sidewalk rocks.

Now it’s beautiful!